9 Benefits of Eating Oranges

Okay so winter season is right around the corner and soon our fruit bucket will be full with yummy winter fruits. One the widely consumed fruit is orange and there are tremendous benefits to it. Let’s discuss 9 benefits of eating oranges:


Immunity System

It’s an immunity booster: oranges are the best source of getting vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect our body against free radical which can otherwise damage the cells beyond repair and can ultimately cause mutation among them.


Shield for Aging

Shields against aging: oranges enable our skin cells to synthesize collagen. It is important to note that collagen is important in terms of preventing premature aging, wrinkles, it also helps to protect our skin against the harmful effects of free radicals.


Control Blood Pressure

Lower down the blood pressure: It is surprising to know that oranges are rich in Potassium. Potassium tends to dilate the vessels thereby decreasing the blood pressure. Therefore, oranges can be considered as one the fruit that can help control high blood pressure.


Good for Heart Health

Good for heart: Due to its unique property of being rich in Potassium, it is also good to know that oranges contain a very low amount of sodium. high potassium and low sodium are one of the key factors in making heart healthy. Along with it also contain other vitamins and nutrients’ which tend to enhance the overall health of an individual which will ultimately make the heart strong.


Lower The Risk of Diabetes

Lower the risk of diabetes: Oranges are an excellent source of fiber. Fiber can help individual to feel full and it doesn’t even raise the blood sugar. Along with it the sugar content in oranges is low therefore it will not increase the blood sugar at all.


Make Your Eyes Healthy

Make our eyes healthy: Along with vitamin C, oranges are also rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A shields our eyes against macular degeneration which can ultimately lead to blindness. Vitamin A also tends to keep the mucous membrane in eyes healthy.


Brain Health

Good for brain health: oranges contain folic acid which promotes the health of the brain. It is also good to know that if oranges are consumed by pregnant women then it can prevent the neural tube defects in the growing baby. Polyphenols in orange also boost the memory.


Kidney Disease

Protects against kidney disease: kidney stones are a common problem nowadays. Vitamin C lowers the incidence of kidney stone by flushing the calcium out of kidney tubules thereby preventing their accumulation which can cause kidney stones.


Prevent Constipation

Prevent constipation: the fact that oranges are rich in fiber is itself will help you to understand how oranges’ can prevent constipation. Fiber-rich diet provides a lot of bulk for bowel and it increases the peristalsis thereby decreasing the risk of fecal accumulation which can cause constipation.

Each and every fruit given by nature has its own benefits. Therefore, we should cherish these blessing and consume them so that it can enable us to improve our health naturally.

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