Delicious Juices for a Healthy Skin!

The Beauty of a person is measured by the skin of a person so who wouldn’t want to have glowing and gleaming skin? We all spend hundreds of bucks on commercial beauty products which are loaded with chemicals. We tend to ignore the fact that just like all other parts of our body, skin is also an essential organ and these beauty products are only going to help it from the outside.

In order to help you skin heal and feel fresh, you need to start nourishing it from the inside as well and what better way is there then to drink healthy fruits and vegetable juices that are packed with essential nutrients that are beneficial for the skin.

Fruits and vegetable juices contain nutrients such as fiber that flushes out the toxins in your body that affects your skin and hair. These juices also contain antioxidants that inhibit the growth of harmful free radicals in the body.

You can either eat raw fruits and vegetables or you can drink their juice on daily basis to get a glowing skin. But I would suggest that you go with the juicing method because juices are convenient and easy to consume and the drinks go directly to your bloodstream unlike raw foods that need to be broken down in the digestive system and might lose some of the nutrients.

1. Mango, cucumber and spinach smoothie

This smoothie is packed with some of the best nutrients that your skin needs. Mangoes contain antioxidants and Vitamin A that helps your skin glow from the inside. Vitamin A contains healing properties that help your skin glow whereas the antioxidants help with the aging process and also reduces pigmentation.

Cucumber, on the other hand, is known to have some of the essential minerals and nutrients that help get rid of the freckles and also improve your complexion. Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that contains detox properties so it helps in purification of the blood which reduces acne.


  • Mango- ½ Cup
  • Cucumber – 1
  • Spinach – Handful


Peel the mango and then mash the flesh in a bowl. Now take the cucumber and peel it as well. Cut it into pieces as well. Take a hand full of spinach and chop it in the same bowl. Now pour the mess in the bowl into a food processor and wait for it to all blend it. Pour the mixture in a glass and enjoy!

2. Cantaloupes, carrots and celery smoothie

Remembering the name of the smoothie is hard sometimes because there are so many Cs in it so why not just call it a triple C smoothie. Each vegetable comes with its own antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals which help make it a power smoothie.

Cantaloupe is known for its hydrating properties thus it keeps the skin hydrated and ensures that it restrains its elasticity. Plus hydrating your skin also makes it softer.  It also contains Vitamin C which aids in the production of collagen which is an anti-aging agent.

Carrots, on the other hand, contain Vitamin A and C which helps with the skin complexion and the uneven skin tone problem. Celery is a detoxifying veggie that removes the harmful toxins from your bloodstream.


  • Cantaloupe Slices – 3 to 4
  • Carrots – 3
  • Celery Stalk – 2


Chop all the veggies in a food processor. Make sure that the blocks are medium size so that they can easily be crushed by the food processor. This mixture is a bit dry so you will have to add half a glass of water as well for a proper smoothie like concentration. Blend it all and you will have yourself a power packed smoothie.

3. Lettuce, mint and cucumber smoothie

A smoothie packed with Lettuce, mint, and Cucumber is full on green smoothie that helps with the complexion and the softness of the skin. Vitamin A in lettuce helps in the regeneration of healthy skin cells whereas potassium helps in the proper circulation of oxygen. Mint is known for the cleansing properties whereas cucumber helps with the complexion.


  • Cucumbers – 3
  • Romaine Lettuce – 1 small head
  • Mint leaves – A handful
  • Lemon Juice – 2 tablespoon


Peel the cucumber and chop it in small pieces inside the food processor. Then chop the lettuce and the mint leaves into the processors. Add half a cup of water to the mixture and mix it all until all the ingredients blend in. Pour the mixture in the glass and add some lemon juice for the taste.

4. Apple, strawberry and kale smoothie

Strawberry is known for its inflammatory properties. It contains ellagic acid, folate and Vitamin C. All these nutrients and minerals help fight, the free radicals such as UV rays that damage the skin cells, and also in neutralizing of the damaged cells. Thus strawberry is a major anti-aging agent.

Apple on the other hand is cleansing agent that gives you a flawless skin by scrubbing off all the bacteria and the germs. Thus gives you a soft and glowing complexion. Kale contains Vitamin k and Vitamin A which aids in collagen production that prevents dryness of the skin.


  • Apple – 1
  • Strawberries – 2 cups
  • Kale – 6 leaves


Chop all the ingredients in the food processor and add ¼ cup of water to the mixture. Remember to remove the seeds from the apple before blending. Mix it all up and pout it a glass to enjoy it with your morning newspaper.


The bottom line is that you can cure your skin from the outside using artificial beauty products but you will have to consume essential nutrients to cure the skin from the inside. Your skin gives an impression about you, it portrays your overall personality so I would suggest that you take some time out of your busy day to prepare and drink these amazing delish juices to help your skin glow from the inside. You can try to blend other veggies and fruits as well to make your own power smoothie!

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