9 Ways nurses can improve their health

9 Ways nurses can improve their health

Nurses are an integral part of health care system and trust me you cannot run a hospital without a nurse. Yes! That’s true. The nursing profession isn’t like a bed of roses and nurses deal with every possible problem that can happen in any health care facility. Being a nursing student I’ve seen how difficult the job of a nurse is; sometimes it feels as if it’s like nursing and back pain and overall body aches are inseparable.

Lifting heavy patient and involving in every sort of care isn’t that easy. That’s the real reason why there is still a shortage of nurses worldwide because it needs a lot of mental and physical endurance to deal with such kind of busy routine. So in this article, I’d like to discuss the ways through which nurses can improve their health because until they would feel healthy, they cannot give quality care to patients.

1. Control the intake of sugar

Okay we do know what can happen when a person consumes sugar in excess, but busy routines can frustrate any person and then just like every other individual nurse also grab soda drinks or any other sugary drinks. Being part of the health care profession it is crucial to understand the risks associated with bad eating habits. Therefore, refraining from it can help your body to fight against infections as excess sugar can impede the ability of white blood cells to fight against infections.

2. Maintain strict standardized precautions

This is especially important when there is an immense workload and after giving quality care we forget that we need to take care of our own care. It has been observed that the practice of proper handwashing sounds alienated too many health care professionals. Relying on hand sanitizer has become a new tradition. But it is important to remember that proper hand washing is also very crucial.

3. Do not delay your vaccines

Dealing with patients with communicable diseases is not so easy. No matter how many standardized precautions you follow but chances of acquiring such diseases are still high. Therefore, keep an eye over your antibodies and get the booster whenever required to help your immune system to fight against such illness.

4. Clean your cell phones

Use of cell phones in a clinical setting and then using it anywhere other than the clinical area can become one of the best modes of transmission of infection. Therefore, cleaning cell phones using alcohol swabs can help the medical personnel to break the chain of transmission of infection.

5. Supplements

Tiring routine can cause anorexia or maybe sometimes you feel like eating but your schedule doesn’t allow you to take a quality break. Therefore, completing the energy requirements via supplements is one of the best ways to boost your immune system.

6. Refrain from biting your nails

There can be millions and billions of microbes at the tip of the fingers. Therefore, those individuals who love nail-biting should make strict habits and try to refrain from this. It is one of the full proof methods to introduce microbes to your body.

7. Light exercise

That personnel who are sporty should try to refrain from heavy exercise because the combination of tough routine and heavy exercise can put a lot of strain on your body and it can become major stress for your body. However, light exercise can help you to feel healthy.

8. Try to hold on your breath whenever necessary

One of the modes of transmission of infection is via inhalation. Therefore, whenever a person is coughing or sneezing medical personnel should hold their breath.

9. Get some fresh air

A daily routine which is usually home-hospital-home kind of can be very frustrating. You need to spend some time alone in some park or some other open area to feel the freshness in the air. This will help you to lighten up your load.

Nurses are the backbone of every hospital and trust me their job isn’t easy. It needs a lot of mental and physical health to manage everything. Therefore, nurse health is also very component and it shouldn’t be overlooked. I hope the aforementioned tips will help nurses and other medical personnel to improve their health because their health has a direct influence on their patients’ health.

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