Easy ways to prevent acne

Easy ways to prevent acne

Acne and all the other skin problem that can stain the beauty is the worst nightmare of all growing individual. However, the growth of acne seems to be perfectly timed during pubertal chances. Nobody likes pimples that’s for sure and so many individuals spend loads of money in order to treat it. But we do know that prevention is better than cure. So now we will discuss a few of the easiest ways to prevent acne:

Clean your face

Cleaning a face indeed a very logical point; acne is formed due to bacteria; cleaning your face at least twice is the best way to keep the face dirt free. It is also crucial to understand that skin of the face is very delicate and extra precautions should be taken while taking care of it. It is good to wash your face at least twice but it is important to keep this thing in mind that scrubbing should be done very gently and while washing use lukewarm water rather than hot water. Also, when you dry your face try to use a clean towel.

Moisturize your skin often

Moisturizer is important in order to prevent dryness. Dryness can lead to itching and can cause peeling of the skin. Therefore, it is crucial to moisturize your skin but remember do buy moisturizer which will not cause pimple formation. Excessive moisture will make skin oily and it will become vulnerable.

Refrain from heavy makeup

Application of thick makeup can block the pores and it can also damage the skin cells. Makeup should be avoided as much as possible. Those who think that makeup is necessary for their professional life then they should never forget to wipe it off properly as soon as possible and quality of makeup should never be overlooked. Foundation cream, eyeliner, mascara and every other item should be replaced with a new one every 3-4 months.

Look after your hairs

What you do with your hairs can directly affect your face. In order to avoid pimple, it is crucial to keep your hairs oil free as much as you can. Along with it, oiling shouldn’t be done at night because while sleeping hair oil can stick to your face and can block the pores.

Don’t touch your face every now and then

Refraining from touching face is the best way to prevent introducing germs to your face. Dirt and microbes from hands can easily settle and block the skin pores leading to pimple formation. Therefore, you should refrain from touching your face again and again. Also, those who already have pimple aren’t usually able to resist the urge of popping their pimples because it keeps irritating them, but popping the pimple will make it worse and can infect the surrounding skin making it more susceptible of developing pimples.

Healthy eating

Needless to mention healthy eating habits are always necessary to keep body healthy. Staying hydrated and fulfilling the body’s need of mineral and vitamins is the best way to enable body cell to flush out toxins and waste. Therefore, in order to make your skin healthy you have to pursue healthy eating.

Apply ice

Applying ice on the skin will give a soothing effect. It will also tend to remove the dirt and dead skin cells, helping the underlying skin to get enough ventilation.

Application of honey

Because of its antiseptic property, people use honey in so many different ways. In terms of acne, it is surprising to know that honey can work both ways. Firstly, it can be used in order to prevent the pimple and secondly those who have already developed pimples can use honey in order to treat it.

Use of lemon

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and vitamin C helps to boost the immune system. However, direct application of lemon on the skin will remove the oil and kill bacteria making skin healthy and glowing.


It is also used widely due to its antiseptic properties. Just like honey, it can also help in treating and preventing acne.

Avoid stress

Stress can directly harm the skin in many ways. Firstly, stress can stimulate the sympathetic system which directs the flow of blood to vital organs thereby decreasing the blood flow to the skin. Secondly, stress slowly and gradually weakens our immune system, this decreases the body’s ability to fight against infection. Therefore, reducing your stress can indirectly protect skin against acne.

Acne and all other skin problems can leave its permanent marks on the skin and this can directly or indirectly affect the body image of an individual. Like it is said prevention is always better than cure, thus by taking the correct decision time to time can help us in reducing the occurrence of such condition. Preventing acne isn’t that difficult you just need to look after a few things. However, acne due to hormonal changes can also occur but it is important to understand that stressing over it will only make things worse, as soon as hormonal imbalance will be resolved your skin will also get over the acne.

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