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Want to help others live a healthy life at home? Share your insights with us and become a regular health writer for our website. Whether you are into developing personal health, boosting mental wellbeing, or losing weight, you have a chance to share real-time tips with the world. This is a great way to contribute to the world because you are helping people get healthier and stronger.

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At Besthealthguidelines.com, you can become a regular contributor and write blogs on various health topics. Are you a doctor? Fitness expert? Healthcare expert? It doesn’t matter. Create an insightful blog on health and share with us to help our fitness-driven readers.

Why Write for Us:

Here a few reasons why Besthealthguidelines.com is best for creative health writers:

  • Your well-written articles will get attention from a super-specific health audience on online health forums, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and community groups
  • You can have your own author bio which will be visible to our online audience. What does an author bio include? Your Name, Social media handle, short description, and a link to your website/blog)
  • Your health blogs will reach out to a greater audience and will mark your identity as a popular health blogger in the industry. Plus, you can get more social media followers and enhance your online visibility
  • You can contribute to the greater good by sharing health-related blogs on our website. This is an easy way to give back to the community and ensure that people are living a safer life
  • You have a chance to share your blogs on our award-winning website (Besthealthguidelines.com)

Topics for Health Blogs on:

We value personal health and make sure the topics you write on must have clear insights and tips for people. For instance, you can write about reducing air pollution or a healthy diet or mental health for adults. Some of the most popular topics that you can choose are as follows:

  • Mental health
  • Personal diet
  • Healthy aging
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Growing diseases
  • Diets for teenagers
  • Vision problems
  • Breastfeeding myths
  • Kid’s maltreatment
  • Weather changes
  • Fatigue
  • Hypertension Remedies
  • Digital Health

How to Submit your Blog Post

We are grateful for your interest in sharing useful information with our readers.

As a user-centric website, we always welcome creative contributors to share their expertise and knowledge to our community that focuses on health. What we are looking for is someone who can share useful, realistic, and insightful knowledge about mental health and physical wellbeing. In simpler words, we cherish blog posts that can help our readers change their lives instantly.

Below, find the criteria for writing and submitting a blog post to Besthealthguidelines.com.

  • Your blog post should have a clear topic (any existing health challenge, a myth, a health remedy)
  • Your content piece should have insightful data which can be in the form of graphs, images, or quotes
  • The piece must be unique and should have 0% plagiarism
  • Every article must contain 1500 words.
  • Although we allow sponsored posts, the standard blog post should not contain any promotions or advertisements (as our editors will check and remove any promotional content)
  • To help you get more followers, we can include your author bio and picture at the bottom of your blog post with a website link

Sponsored Posts

You can also write sponsored articles to talk about your services or products. For instance, if you are selling protein bars then you can create a blog related to personal health and mention protein bars anywhere in the blog. In this way, you can promote your health products to a wide audience who care about personal health. At Besthealthguidelines.com, you have a chance to reach out to more people.

Some writing guidelines to follow:

  1. Every article must contain 500 words.
  2. The content must be unique and of good quality.
  3. You can include 2 outbound links that may be directed to your website or social media handle.
  4. Internal links can be included if need be.
  5. You can provide a short bio of the author with a link to your site.
  6. Send high-resolution images if necessary.

At Besthealthguidelines.com, we promote good quality articles from healthcare professionals and fitness experts. From personal health to mental health and physical wellbeing, there is a range of topics that you can write on.

What We Prefer?

Even though we have shared a comprehensive list with you, some of the blog topics are favorites among our audience.

  • Digital health articles that focus on mental health, health mobile apps, AI-based health apps
  • Self-help health articles that share step-by-step procedures or clear ways to improve personal health
  • Female health experts who have transformed their body or mental health on their own
  • A story about body transformations with pictures
  • An article about dealing with body-shaming or fat-shaming

Some Guidelines

All blog posts are checked by our professional editors before we decide to publish your blog post on Besthealthguidelines.com. We consider blog posts that are original, relevant, and high quality. Please note that we will not publish every blog post. If your blog posts have been published elsewhere, then we will disregard the submission.


  1. How to submit a blog post?

You can create a Google Doc and share a link with us or submit a Word file via besthealthguidelines [@] gmail.com. However, we prefer Google Docs so we can make changes and edits on the main file. Also, please don’t forget to give us editing access when you are sharing a Google doc file.

  1. Can I submit a blog post on multiple websites?

If your blog post has been published somewhere, then we won’t publish it on Besthealthguidelines.com.

  1. Do I have to pitch my blog post idea first or submit the article directly?

It would be better to send us the blog post topic first so we can give you the go sign. We can confirm the blog post topic and then you can write a unique piece by following the guidelines.

  1. How much time would you take to publish my article?

Normally, we take a week to analyze and check the whole content piece before we publish your article on our website.

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